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Niamh Byrne & Régine Moylett awarded with Entrepreneur Of The Year

Congratulations to Niamh Byrne and Régine Moylett for being honoured by the MMF (Music Managers Forum UK) with the Entrepreneur Of The Year award at this year’s Artist & Manager Awards!

CEO of the MMF, Annabella Coldrick, said:

“Niamh and Régine have instigated a truly groundbreaking campaign for Gorillaz’s Humanz, amplifying the scope of the album’s collaborative vision with a series of eye-catching partnerships that opened new creative potentials, including augmented reality apps and a stunning VR video,” added Coldrick. “Always sensitive to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s vision, they also curated the highly successful Demon Dayz festival in Margate.”

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